Proudly serving the finest Spanish luxury hospitality. An invitation to discover Spain by living, breathing and tasting the local culture.


PREIPER Luxe is committed to the most exclusive Spanish selection of hotels and venues. We strengthen them by designing tailor-made commercial and communications strategies, converting us into a valuable extension of their Sales and Marketing teams, while delivering immaculate service.

Ensuring direct access to a first-class local and international community, our unrivalled understanding of our destination qualifies us to design profound and inspiring bespoke projects, leading to exclusive worldwide recognition.


Convinced that union is strength, we implement an innovative working method that guarantees our clients regional independency empowered by others striving for the same cause.



Allowing unique access and insight to Spain´s most iconic venues, PREIPER Luxe Events offer highly creative and immaculately executed experiences for the world’s most distinguished clientele.

For those in seek of the extraordinary, we specialise in producing sensory and immersive corporate and private events in the most authentic locations of Spain, offering a wide range of premium services, working tirelessly to ensure attention to detail throughout.


We believe the value and success of an event resides in the intangible, and the power of, imperceptibly, making excellence happen.



PREIPER Luxe is a Spanish-based integrated sales and communications boutique, which specialises in Spanish luxury hospitality brands.


With a clear devotion to Spanish historical, cultural and traditional heritage, PREIPER Luxe promotes, defends and develops the style and elegance of Spanish luxury at the heart of the hospitality industry.


Aimed at the most exigent customers, we aim to bring together the unspoiled and vibrant self-identity of Spain and project it on a prestigious international stage.

PREIPER Luxe’s mission is to increase the competitiveness of the High-End Spanish hospitality industry beyond its borders.



Known for its outstanding natural beauty, breathtaking architecture and compelling history, Spain is a country that offers the very best experiences a refined traveller could imagine.


Spain’s cultural heritage is unique due to its tradition, history, wealth and diversity, reinforced by the fact that Spain is the country with the second highest number of sites declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, even though much of this heritage remains hidden and unknown to the vast majority.

An open door to Spain’s greatness creating an highly exclusive, personal and innovative way to travel and enjoy one of the most ancient European cultures.





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