La Casa del Presidente

A unique and exclusive place with a story to tell

This exceptional place seeks to showcase a part of recent Spanish history. Currently offering 10 rooms, it was originally designed as a retreat from the world where today’s guest can feel right at home, in what is the only five-star hotel located within the historic quarter of the city.

Originally the home of the first prime minister of Spain after the recovery of democracy, it has a marvellous garden, abounding in vegetation, and which runs directly up against the Ávila City Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Casa del Presidente has an outdoor swimming pool with a bar where you can enjoy delicious Castilian regional dishes in the open air, not to mention its light-filled glazed porch.

These gastronomic delights are excellently complemented by the hotel’s marvellous wine cellar which is home to both regional and some international wines.

«Each restoration and reform of this house has been geared towards showcasing part of our country’s history”

Diego Ortega – Chairman and Proprietor


World Heritage City

The Casa del Presidente stands in privileged surroundings. Its excellent location, the quality of its services and its different rooms, which have lost none of the sobriety, intimacy and sense of history, make it the ideal place for a getaway.

Historic walls, houses, palaces, temples and convents comprise the city’s eclectic artistic heritage, attesting to a fascinating past wrought by the several cultures that lived together there. History, art, mysticism, traditions, excellent cuisine and nature all combine to offer the visitor an enriching stay in Ávila.


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