United by our passion for the hospitality sector, with an unbeatable knowledge of Spanish History, Culture and Tradition, cultivated mainly through our Spanish DNA, PREIPER Luxe aims to become Spain’s leading strategic consultancy firm for Sales and International PR, specialised only in Luxury Spanish Properties.

We work with and for the best. PREIPER Luxe’s small size allows us to deliver personal attention at a senior-level to all the properties we work for and its teams. Our Management is involved in every new project, from plan to development.

We offer a winning combination of knowledge, experience, flexibility, and an unmatched network to get our clients the answers and solutions they need.

We are positive, proactive and passionate about our work, and thrive on the fast pace of building our clients’ brands in the exciting, challenging and fast moving global market.

We share our experience and insight to help the Spanish Luxury Hospitality increase profitability, improve brand loyalty, and outperform their peers.


PREIPER Luxe was founded as an Event Consultancy firm specialised in the uniqueness of Spain back in 2013 by Rafael Pérez Navazo, a professional so passionate about his native country, culture and tradition, that planning an event is a true pleasure for him.

Today PREIPER Luxe Consultancy Services have an international background drawing on its founder’s experience in promoting luxury properties.

After his International Tourism Management studies in Montreux, Switzerland, and achieving a Post-Grade Diploma in Hotel Management from Swiss Education Group, Rafael then moved on to work at a renowned international representation company in the sales office for Spain, promoting various luxury hotels Worldwide.

Previously, he gained experience in some of the most reputed Travel and Event agencies in the country and made his very first steps in the Hotel industry.

Having found his calling in Sales & Marketing, he was appointed by an International Sales and Marketing Sports Consultancy firm to launch its operations in Asia, spending 3 intense but fulfilling years working with residences in Shanghai, China.

Before restructuring his own business, he spent almost 4 years as Head of Sales & Marketing at one of the most reputed 5* Hotels in Madrid, Spain, working hard to reconvert working methods and implement successful short-term strategies leading to excellent results in his last period at the company.

PREIPER Luxe now reflects his dedication and passion for Sales & Marketing and Public Relations as well as his commitment to promote and communicate the right message of Spain as a luxury destination rich in history, culture and culinary pleasures.


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